Youth – their Education, their Health

DanielleWestDanielle West – my Hayward Youngster of the Month, for July 2015

is a proud Made in Hayward Youngster, who attended Stonebrae Elementary, Julia Morgan Middle School for Girls, and currently is a junior at Bishop O’Dowd School.

At her school, she is a student leader for the Career Partnerships Program, a program that serves to connect high school students with professionals in an effort to expose students to various career paths. They work on developing skills that are applicable to careers universally including public speaking, organization, etc.

No slouch in multitasking, Ms. West is also part of O’Dowd’s track and field team, as well as an active participant of the Campus Ministry Team. This Team is a group led by students in their respective grade that serves the O’Dowd community by fostering a spirit of philanthropy and charity through numerous fundraising drives, liturgies, and other activities.
More? Sure! She is a member of the California Scholarship Federation, and hopes to be active in the National Honor Society in her senior year. Too, she was honored to have been awarded the Presidential Merit Scholar for exceptional academic achievements and character that embodies her school’s principles.
She tells me that the financial assistance of this award has inspired her to donate towards others’ educational endeavors. That philosophy is present on the Hayward Youth Commission, where she is glad to be an integral part of the scholarship subcommittee, raising over $400. Would you like to help? She’ll happily sell you a HYC t-shirt to benefit the students of Hayward!
Outside of school, Danielle is very involved with Girls Inc. of Alameda County, and has been since the 7th grade with the Eureka! Program. It has noticeably impacted her life, academically and socially. Through that program, she was afforded the opportunity to acquire an internship through DPR Construction of San Francisco and expand her knowledge on a wide range of topics. Looks like she really does like the program, since she now is a leader on the Advisory Council for Girls Inc. and “it is exciting to have a direct impact on the community.”
To impress even further, Danielle also serve on the Alliance for Girls Advisory Board, a coalition connecting seventy-seven organizations all based upon the common mission of empowering girls. There, she is the youngest member of the board, and loves being able to immerse herself in the company of many like-minded, innovative individuals, and further develop her leadership skills.
In our Tennyson Community, she joined the Hayward Coalition for Healthy Youth’s Youth Advisory Council, and is looking forward towards improving the health of our Hayward Youth, and meeting new people in the group.
Her future? A career in medicine, specifically cardiology, and this, due to heart-related illnesses common in her family. She is interested in making a societal contribution by focusing on educating community members on preventative treatment efforts rather than constantly prescribing medications. I sure agree with her.
After college, we probably will find her either as a volunteer with the Peace Corps or with Doctors Without Borders, travelling to an underprivileged area and serving the local residents. For a 16-year old, she sure has some definite plans, but admits that she has an ample amount of time to consider her career choices, and enjoys exploring other career fields as well.
Ms. West likes hanging out with my family and friends, and traveling, especially visiting local sites like San Francisco or discovering new parks in Hayward.
Her dislikes? Procrastinating because it makes her really nervous, telling me that she tries her best to develop an organized schedule to accomplish specific tasks.
Danielle West is an impressive very young lady. I salute her, thank her parents and her teachers, and am extremely honored to present her to you.
Let’s help her, and my other Youngsters of the Month be leaders. They will encourage Leadership and Volunteerism among their peers, for the benefit of our whole Fine City.

Thank you.
Hayward on!


Our Hayward Youngsters are Top Notch! 

1004432_560559720662960_1132104005_nMany of our Hayward youngsters have endorsed me because they know that I believe in them, that I have, am, and will always work for them, so that their journey towards their personal, educational, and professional goals are met successfully.

• The process of obtaining financial aid is complex. Look over this site, for a step-by-step guide that provides a brief overview of what students can expect:
(Thanks to Teresa Crane)
• For more scholarship possibilities, please visit


Hayward Educators and Youth
Who endorse
Francisco Zermeño for
Hayward City Council,
on June 7, 2016

Hon. Arnulfo Cedillo, Chabot – Las Positas Community College District Board Trustee
Hon. Carlo Vecchiarelli, Chabot – Las Positas Community College District Board Trustee
Elizabeth Elenes, Former President, Associated Student Body, Chabot College
Erica Cortez, Former President, Associated Student Body, Chabot College
Dave Seymour, *H.U.S.D. Principal at Hayward High School
Hon. Grant F. Peterson, Former Hayward Unified School District Member
Hon. Marshall Mitzman, Chabot – Las Positas Community College District Board Trustee
Hon. Paul Frumkin, Former Hayward Unified School District Member
Hon. Dr. Susan A. Cota, Former Chabot Las Positas Community College District Chancellor
Sheryl Boykins, Chief of Police, Cal State University HaywardEastBay

Aaron Torres, Former Hayward Youth Commissioner
AJ Belal Assef, Vice President, Student Council, Chabot College
Alejandra Melgoza Suárez, Former Hayward Youth Commissioner
Alex Del Toro, Chabot College
Alex Harmon, Hayward General Plan Task Force Member
Amayo-Hassan Family, *Chabot College
Ana María Hernández Cortez, School Principal
Andrea Gil Family, Educator, * H.U.S.D.
Andrew Kong Knight Family, * H.U.S.D.
Aaron Horner, *Soulciety. Org

Brianne Parnow, Student, *Cal State University Hayward East Bay
Bruce and Kathy Roberts, former teachers

Caren Barnezet-Parrish Family, *Chabot College
Carla Isabel Soares, *Educator, H.U.S.D.
Carlo Vecchiarelli, Chabot – Las Positas Community College District Board Trustee
Cheri García, Teacher, *H.U.S.D.
Christina Yee, Educator
Christine Santiago, Chabot College Professor
Christine Warda, Chabot College Professor
Christopher Lee, Educator
Christopher Wallace, Educator
Claudia Quezada, *Cal State University Hayward East Bay

Daisy Palacios, *H.U.S.D.
Dan Guerrero, *H.U.S.D. and Teacher of the Year, 2015
Daniel Aguilar, Hayward Youth Commissioner
Daniella Dib, Chabot College
Dave Seymour, *H.U.S.D. Principal at Hayward High School
Deverie Andrade, *Chabot College
Diego Castro, Hayward Youth Commissioner
Dmitriy Kalyagin, Chabot College Professor
Dr. Lettie Ramírez, Cal State University EastBayHayward Professor

Edward Stering, Educator
Elizabeth Contreras Morales, * Chabot College
Elizabeth Elenes, Former President, Associated Student Body, Chabot College
Elizabeth Alfonso, Educator, Chabot College
Elmer Beltrán, Hayward Youth Commissioner
Emily Frone, * Chabot College
Erica Cortez, President, Former Associated Student Body, Chabot College
Evelyn Rueda, * H.U.S.D.

Fabián Banga Family, Educator
Francisca Montes, Educator, H.U.S.D.
Franciska Karpovich, *Chabot College
Fred E. Shultz, Educator, *Life Chiropractic College, Retired

Geoff Landreau, Teacher, H.U.S.D.
Gerald Reyes, P.Hd, Stanford University
Gerard Hargraves, Teacher, H.U.S.D.
Glen Parado, Hayward Adult School
Gradie Meekins Jr., *Chabot College
Guy Sandoval, Former Educator

Ilse López-Narváez, Chabot College
Indy Nelson, *UCBerkeley
Irene Plunkett Chowenhill, Educator, Chabot College

Jaime Flores, Educator, Chabot College
Jaime Huertas, Teacher, James Logan High School
Janet French, Educator, Chabot College
Jason Ames, Educator, Chabot College
Jennifer Alix Pierre-Louis, Student, Chabot College
Jennifer Conner, Chabot College
Joan E. Sieber, Professor Emerita, Cal State University Hayward East Bay
Jerry Caveglia, Former High School Teacher, and former Hayward Planning Commissioner
Jessica Gutiérrez, Chabot College
Jessica Williams Gallucci, Educator, Chabot College
Joe Kuwabara, Former Educator, Chabot College
Joe Zermeño, Educator
Jonathan Mercer, Educator, Chabot College
John Davini, Former Principal of Mt. Eden High School
John and Carmen Meléndez, Former Educators
John Orosco, Teacher, * H.U.S.D.
John Sands, Former High Teacher at Tennyson High, and Former President, Greater Hayward Democratic Club
John Sims, *Chabot College
Johnny Khuu, *San Francisco State University
Jon Palacio, *Chabot College
José Alegre, Chabot College Professor
Joseph and Shirley Dazhan, * Chabot College
Julie Greenfield, *H.U.S.D.
Julie Nabong, Educator, * H.U.S.D.
Juneill Reyes, Chabot College
Judith Guerrero-Marín Family, * H.U.S.D.
Judy Wright, Chabot College

Katherine Roseguo Family, Educator
Kristin Land, Professor, Chabot College

Lamberto Roque, *H.U.S.D.
Larry Aguiar, Educator, Chabot College
Laura Boneca Diesman, Chabot College
Leah Rosenbloom, Educator, * H.U.S.D.
Lori Villanueva, Principal, Tennyson High School
Luis Flores, Student Senator, Chabot College
Lupe Santoyo, Educator, H.U.S.D.
Luz-Idalia Carreón, International Students Program Coordinator

María Bueno, Educator, Chabot College
María Elena Reyes Rivera, Educator
María Guadalupe Sánchez Salto, Chabot College
Maricruz Meza Family, *H.U.S.D.
Marie Mumford, Former Educator, * H.U.S.D.
Dr. Marion Sánchez, Former Educator, Chabot College
Marshall Mitzman, Chabot – Las Positas Community College District Board Trustee
Marta Zelaya, Teacher
Martín and Sandra Genera, Educators, HUSD and Chabot College
Mercedes Faraj, Educator * H.U.S.D.
Miguel Casarez, *Chabot College
Miguel Colon, Educator, Chabot College
Miroslaba Velo Egonmwan, Educator * H.U.S.D.
Mona Confer, * H.U.S.D.

Nancy Soto, Educator, Educator, Chabot College
Naveen & Sunny Aujla
Nina Genera, Former Educator
Nichole García, Chabot College

Omkar Salpekar, Hayward Youth Commissioner
Óscar Ochoa, Cal State University Hayward East Bay

Patricia Molina, Chabot College Professor
Patti Conner, Chabot College
Paul and Jennifer Silverman Gonsalves, Educators, *H.U.S.D.
Peter Bufete, Hayward Library Commissioner
Phil and Pat Gordon, Educators

Raelynn Gatchell, Educator, *H.U.S.D.
Ramón Parada and Senda Ríos, Former Educators, Chabot College and H.U.S.D.
Refugio Franco, Educator, Chabot College
Rick Moniz, Educator, Chabot College
Ron & Jean Wise, Educators, Retired
Rosa Escobedo, Educator, *H.U.S.D.
Rosemary Jiménez, Fomer Educator, *H.U.S.D.
Roshni Rustomji, Former Educator

Sabrina Momand, UCBerkeley
Saira Guzmán, San Francisco State Univeristy
Samuel Gómez, Chabot College
Sandra Genera, Educator, Chabot College, Puente Project Director
Sheryl Boykins, Chief of Police, Cal State University HaywardEastBay
Stephanie Foster, *The Book Shop
Steve Stevenson, *Chabot College
Susan Binford, Educator, H.U.S.D.
Susie Kahl, *Chabot College
Tania Zendejas, Chabot College

Tatiana Peugnet, Educator, * H.U.S.D.
Tony Igwe, Soccer Coach, Chabot College

Valerie Caveglia, Educator
Verónica Escoto, Educator, * H.U.S.D.

William E. Tril, Educator, *H.U.S.D.

Yelizta Peña, *former YEP Coordinator, H.U.S.D.


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