Public Safety

1174551_596707007048231_82785394_nIn my many years as your serious employee, serving in various commissions, task forces and committees, and as your City Councilman, my direction, my energy, and time has been spent doing what you have told me you needed, what you desired, for our Fine City of Hayward.

As your Mayor, I will continue to be focused listener, the fast responder, the enthusiastic doer that you, my Hayward Family, have known.

My vision for Hayward is to help it Realize its Potential through Economy, Education, and Public Safety, in order to have a Distinctive, Desirable, Safe, and Attractive Hayward.


My Vision for Public Safety is very important. To me, Public

Safety does not only mean having a professional Police and Firefighting force. Most importantly, it means the Safety of the City, of you, our residents and business owners.

So that we can shop, stroll, play, study, bicycle, drive, dine, walk safely, as we are entitled to, my agenda here is working diligently to

  • Increase the number of police officers in our city
  • Look for means to build a new adequate new Police Station
  • Strengthen our School Resource Officer Program
  • Keep working closely with our officers in our Community Policing Program
  • Look for means to build a new, firefighter-safe Station 7
  • Keep working closely with our Firefighters to ensure fast response in resident emergencies,
  • Look for growth, by means of Health Centers, in our firefighting force
  • Have clearly marked, possibly green, safer bicycle paths,
  • Build Bus Shelters at every Bus Stop.

My vision, my experience, skills and abilities, and proven serious leadership, and your full and active support will mean that we will realize Hayward’s potential together.

I hope I can count on your full support.



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