Hope all is well with you.
A few words as to why every owner of a Hayward business should endorse me for Hayward City Council.
This is important, because if we do not have a Vibrant, Strong Economy, there is
NO way that our Fine City of Hayward will be able to provide the quality of life that
you deserve.
Economy – is my top priority as a candidate, and it will be my top priority as your Hayward City Council Member
of our Fine City.
I have been consistent in being pro business and pro a Strong Local Economy,
ever since my days as a Planning Commissioner, for eight years.
Cases in point:
• Founded and lead the Latino Business Roundtable (2004 – ) which has
increased membership in the Hayward Chamber of Commerce,
• Served on the City Council’s Economic Development Committee for four
years, which provided the ideas for its update,
• Adopted Localnomics and Hayward on! as promoters of Shopping Hayward
First, for a Strong Local Economy,
• Presented the Cash Mobs in Hayward (2012 – ),
• Introduced, pushed for and voted for Happy Hour,
• Supported the Auto Nation development on the former Ford site (Council
returned it),
• Support the Mervyn’s project (Planning Commission returned it),
• Was the ONLY one who Voted against the VERY anti business, anti small
business Alcohol Ordinance (passed 6 to 1). I am running a unique campaign for City Council of Hayward
• Shop Hayward First!
• am doing videos promoting our strong points, our businesses, and our economy on the way)
• I am fully supported and endorsed by many Hayward Business owners.There are many projects in my mind for my continued tenure as City Council Member of Hayward.
Five of them include doing something about
• the 11 story building on Foothill
• the empty lot in front of our cinema
• the Green Shutter Hotel
• the empty lot by Hayward BART
• the internet cafés.
That said, I am the best candidate for City Council of Hayward.
My voting on City issues is done with directness, seriousness, integrity,
and loyalty to my, our, City, for its healthy Economy.
No other candidate has done as much for our Local Economy as I have done,
do, and will do. The Hayward Economy needs to have me elected…hopefully
with your help. Please contact me today
• if you have any questions,
• if there is something that I can do for you,
• to endorse me for Hayward City Council.
I thank you
for sharing this with our contacts
for your support!
P.S. Hayward City Councilhood will NOT be a stepping stone for me for a County
or State Office. Hayward is my town, my family.
Localnomics – I am very happy to have cohosted this pro-Local Small Business Workshop with PG&E. Friday, June 21, 2013. 9:00am until 12:00pm. The Mexican Restaurant, 19950 Hesperian Ct. Hayward, CA 94541.

Let’s work together on this, for the benefit of our Fine City.

Success of our Hayward businesses means more jobs for our Youth, and a Strong Local Economy. Hayward on!
I am honored to have the endorsement of the following Business Owners:
Hayward Chamber of Commerce
Chris Lam, Chairman of the Board, Hayward Chamber of Commerce
Michael Mahoney, Vice Chair of the Board, Hayward Chamber of Commerce
Ron Peck, Former President of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce
Abel Veredas Mendes, Real Estate Broker
Ajmer AJ Nijjar, 7-11
AJ & Cassandra Flores, One Way Media & Productions
Alan McIntosh, Way To Be Inc.
Alan Talai, Electric One Industries, Inc.
Alex Gutiérrez, * Best Way Limousines
Alexandra Budde, Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic
Alicia González Family, 24/7 Modern Mom Corporation
Alfredo Aguilar, DJ Mixtek
Alfredo Ornelas, Avocado Freddy’s
Alfredo and Alicia Rodríguez, Vintage Alley
Alicia Espinosa, Espinosa Jewelry & Boutique
Alma Báez, Alma’s Creations
Andrea Luna, VP of Marketing
Angélica Torres, Realtor
April Chan, Asian Business Alliance
Araújo Family, Araújo Roofing
Arena Reed, Arena Reed Design
Aric Yeverino, The Dirty Bird Lounge
Armijo Family, Tri City Engravers, Inc.

Beck Family, Beck Roofing
Ben Liu, bliuHarp Media
Bob and Linda Leppert, Real Estate Agents

Carlos Moreno Family, Ballet Folclórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno
Carlos González, Real Estate Agent
Carlos Ramírez Family, Professional Window Cleaning
Carmen Hernández, Realtor
Catalina López, Business Lender
Catherine Valdez, MI Insurance Solutions
Claudia Dib, Claudia’s Body & Skin Care Center
C.Y.Nie Family, Satin Rose, Inc.
Cynthia K. Birmingham, Attorney at Law

Dacia Carruthers, Ghazni Restaurant
Danny Mai, Novatek
Darren Guillaume, Doc’s Wine & Cheese Revival, LLC
Dave Wolff, Pacific Technologies
David Dueñas, DJ Rabeat
Donatiuh Castellón, World Financial Inc.
Dr. Alexandra Budde, Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic

Ed Bullock, Real Estate Agent
Edgar A. Quesada, Latinnewsradiotv
Elie Goldstein, Kraski’s Nutrition
Erika Alarcón-Ortiz, Tecolote Apparel
Ernie Lopez, State Farm Insurance
Esmeralda Espinoza, Taquería San Marcos

Felson Companies Inc.
Forkash Family, Aaron Metals Company
Frank Padilla Family, El Taquito Restaurant

Gary W. Briggs, President, Ascend Development
Gary Smith Family, * Peter Sategna Foundation
Geraldine Martínez, Elegance Rentals
Gerry Leon, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator
Grasseschi Family, Cobbler’s
Guadalupe López, Arteaga’s Market
Guy Warren, *Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services
Gwendolyn McClain, J. Haynes Enterprises

Hamed Nekrawish, Auto Diagnostics Doctor
Harlow-Schott Family, 2CP Merchant Processing
Henry Tang, *The Card Palace
Herman Barahona, Consultant
Higares Family, Grand Finale Clothing
Humberto & Dulce Sánchez Family, Dulce’s Salon

Jack Pérez, Barber Shop
James Altschul, Hayward Hangars, LLC
Jarrod Cardoza, Foothill Coin & Jewelery
Jeff Colon, Broker
Jeff Jurow, B Street Apartments Group
Jennifer Reichhoff, Law Offices of Jennifer Reichhoff
Jennifer Sommer, Dark Horse Lounge
Jesús Bustamante, El Mezcal Taquería
Jesús Guadiana, Hot Toys, Southland Mall
Jiménez Doñate Family, Maggie’s Party Supplies
Joeann Pepperell, Baby Dot Inc.
Joel Peña, Former Economic Development Committee Member
Johnny Tongson & Lara Fernández, Tapsilog Express
Jorge Gamarra, Businessman
Jorge & Oralia Espinosa, El Taquito #2 Retaurant
Jorge Servín, JM Servin & Company
José y Crisanta Loza Family, Loza Construction
José Estrella Tax Services
Juan Pérez y Sus Bohemios
Juan Yáñez, JM Welding Service, Inc.
Juanita Gutiérrez, Realtor
Julio Romero, Brews and Bräts on B St.
Julio Romero, Group Realty & Investments

Karen Bertadillo, *AAA
Katelyn Radtke, Foothill Locksmiths Inc.
Katia Inzunza Family, La Casita Restaurant
Keith and Cathy Burks, Julian’s BBQ Restaurant
Keith Lang, Rasco Manufacturing Inc.
Kenneth W. Meirovitz, Dentist
Kenneth Roberts, Attorney

Librado Martínez, Celia’s Restaurant
Louis Goodman, Attorney at Law
Lucy Tossone, *Provident Credit Union
Luis Gonzalo Colindres, Real Estate Broker
Luis Hernández, Tacos El Amigo
Luis Miguel Cabrera, GDL Auto Repair
Luis Muñoz, *International City Mortgage
Lupita Peimbert, CEO at

Mariano Orozco, Shark Shack Restaurant
Maribel Castillo, Intero Real Estate Services
Martha E. Varela, Realtor
Martha Vargas, Something Sweet
Marty & Harlene Strauss, VIP Marketing
Michael Dean Harris, Insurance Agent
Michael Weavil, 1856 Productions
Mo Janda, A-1 Truck Driving School

Nava Villa Family, Pancho Villa Event Center
Nick Patel, Petro National
Norman García, Farmer’s Insurance

Ogle Family, Hayward Body Shop
Orozco Family, Shark Shark Restaurant
Óscar Flores Family, Don Polvorón Bakery
Oscar Quiambao, Valero Gas Station

Pérez Family, Manada Roofing, Inc.
Pilar Sánchez, LP Business Center

Raheela Dharani, Yogurt Hill
Ramiro y Jorge de la Torre, Mar y Tierra Restaurant
Raúl y Haydee Martínez, Don Gaspacho Restaurant
Raymundo Coronado, Mariachi Mexicanísimo
Richard L. and Patricia A. Folger, Folger Graphics, Inc.
Rigo Cabezas, Real Estate Agent
Rigoberto Galvez, Rig Galvez Photography
Rigoberto Ibarra, Intero Real Estate Services
Rigoberto & Yolanda López, Sofía’s Restaurant
Robert Sakai, Attorney at Law
Roberto Vidales, Vidales Party Rentals
Rod Andazola, Real Estate Agent
Rohit Patel, 76 Gasoline Station
Roseann Torres, Torres Law Group Inc.
Rosel B. Trolan, Realtor
Ross Paxton, Computer Center
Rubén García, Senaida’s Restaurant

Sergio Benevides, Attorney at Law
Serna Family, El Ranchito Market
Silvia A. Brandon Pérez, Precise Translations
Solorio Family, Tacos Uruapan
Spojmie Nasiri, Law Office of Spojmie Nasiri
Stan Przepiosk, ASAP Printing
Steve Miller, Stonebrae
Sunny Aujla, Overlook Terrace, LLC
Suzanne Gayle, Star Arts
Syed Karim, QPC Printers

Tad Miller, Not Just Bookkeeping
Thom Harrow, APP Properties, Inc.
Todd Anglin, State Farm Insurance
Tony Guzmán, *The Ford Store
Tyler G. Ribera, Ribera Investment Management, LLC

Varun Mitra, Legal Shield
Vesta Moody, Metal Services Center, Inc.
Vicky & Vanessa Siquig, Las Bonitas Fashions
Víctor Moreno, VP of Production

Winda Shimizu, *A.R.T. President

Young Family, FLO Nation Foundation

Zermeño Family, Terlingua Translation Services
Zermeño Family, Zermenos Custom Ironworks

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