“City Councilman Francisco Zermeño has been active in Hayward for many years. As both a businessman, a teacher, a father and a friend, Zermeño has long established himself as a beloved figure in Hayward.
After serving as a city councilman for eight years, a planning commissioner for eight years, and completing a term and a half as a City Council member Zermeño has developed an easy knowledge of the city’s structure and, through his job as a Full-Time Tenured Spanish professor at Chabot College for 35+ years, he has come to understand the people who reside here.
If voted mayor, Zermeño would first tackle the city’s difficult financial situation. “We need to deal with the economy immediately. Only some folk spend their money here, because there aren’t enough businesses. To counteract this, I will do everything I can to attract new firms”, promised Zermeño.
Besides the economy, Zermeño has plans to update some of our outdated ordinances and revisit our planning and fee structure. He too has made fiscal responsibility a major focus of his campaign, and he has continuously emphasized the importance of having youth leadership in the community.”
Good job, Leah Daoud! I thank you.
The Chabot College Spectator, Thursday, May 22, 2014.
“For Mayor, City of Hayward:
I recommend Francisco Zermeno: While all of the councilmembers running for mayor have done some good things for the city, Francisco will lead by listening, which is sorely needed as the city continues to operate under the cloud of having forced contract terms on the city workers who belong to several unions. He also seems to understand that the city absolutely must address the serious underfunding of pension liabilities.”
by Frank Burton
“Senor Zermeno,
It has been 23 years since I have been your student.  I think about the impact you have made on my life.  I searched you on Google tonight after dinner.  I had just finished explaining the way you teach Spanish to my children.  I even reviewed you on ratemyprofessor.com.
I stopped by the college about 10 years ago, but you weren’t there.  I just wanted to thank you for your presence in my life.  You may not even remember me.  It has been quite a while.  I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do well in school.  I wasn’t much of a student and I was about to drop out completely when I started your class.  You made it too fun.  You challenged me.  Most importantly, you encouraged me.  I am a successful dentist/business owner now.   I haven’t stopped learning.  I keep reaching higher for more knowledge.  Not only to educate myself, but to help my patients and raise my family.  There were only a few people in my life that turned me in the right direction.  You were one of them.  I was glad to hear that you are still teaching.  From what I read, you haven’t changed a bit.  You truly found your calling.  I am grateful for that.  I don’t know what decision I would have made at that critical point in my life if I didn’t take your class.
Just for the record, I can barely speak Spanish.  I married an Italian woman and have devoted myself to her native language.  It’s a shame since I live in Chula Vista.  It wouldn’t have been as easy without the fundamentals you taught me.  I should have thanked you sooner.
I wish you the best in all that you do,
Nick Addario (Nicolas)”

“Hello Friends,
I had a few questions as to why I am supporting Francisco Zermeño for Hayward Mayor.
Here’s my personal response: I was his former student at Chabot College about six years ago when he offered me the opportunity to be his intern during the summer at Hayward City Hall. As a new City Council Member, he wanted to give young women the opportunity to get exposed to city/local government, since generally women are under-represented in government. I took on this summer internship not know anything about local government, or even my own city. However, I must say that this opportunity changed my life in a positive way. It paved the way to greater opportunities down the road, from working for various Hayward city departments on a per-diem basis, getting civically engaged in the community, to obtaining an internship last year for a CA State Senator, all thanks to Councilman’s Zermeño internship opportunity. Since then, he has been my mentor and is always open to discuss anything involving City of Hayward. Had it not been for this, I don’t think I would have accomplished a lot in these 5 years.
But one of the most important things for me is that he realizes potential in Hayward Youth and is the only council member who offers internship possibilities for youth, and provides scholarships to Chabot College Youth. I’ve seen first-hand how committed he is to the Hayward Community.
Here’s a few of the many things about him:

  • He cleans Hayward streets every other weekend with the Green Team Task force and his adopted street.
  • He understands the needs of education being the only candidate who has raised 3 successful children in Hayward, and has been married for over 35 years
  • wants to connect and built partnerships with public schools, Chabot College and Cal State
  • He shows seriousness and stability by teaching as a full time tenured professor at Chabot College for over 35 years is an active adviser of the Hayward Youth Commission
  • He supports small, and all, Hayward businesses, and has been a business owner for 30+ years
  • He supports the homeless and needy families by adopting a family in Hayward and he started the Ending Hunger and Homelessness Hayward Task Force

I know a lot of us at our age don’t vote, but I ask that we all come together and help elect our next City of Hayward Mayor, Francisco Zermeño, a true Champion of Hayward.
If you’re not registered to vote, please sign-up. Today is the deadline to register to vote on the June 3rd elections. Message me if you have any questions.
If you’d like more information about the Francisco Zermeño for Hayward Mayor campaing, please visit https://franciscoforhayward.com/.

I thank you.
Saira Guzmán”

I grew up in Hayward, a wonderful place to live. There is not enough room to cover the my life here, school, family, love, grief….loved every minute and look forward to many more years. With J Francisco Zermeño C as our Mayor we will soar and become the City we know we are.”
By Phyllis Moroney, Greater Hayward Democratic Club Board Member

Every one listen up!!! Every one of you have the power to make Hayward a better tomorrow and it starts by Voting J Francisco Zermeño C for mayor! He actually cares about this fine city and its youth! Plus he’s not one of those politicians that get elected and you never see him again, he is always willing to get together and talk! This man right here is the man to vote for on June 3rd! You will not regret it!”
By Elmer Beltrán, Hayward Youth Commission Member

“Mr. J Francisco C is a competent person of integrity and wisdom that keeps his word. He is one of the few politicians that is humble and I can assure you will do the most in his power to do the best for Hayward. He is a person that treats everyone with equity across the board and has diligence to guide the heart of the bay. I feel we can all connect with him and that he connects with us in some aspect in terms of community, education, saftey, and budget expertise. Mr. Zermeño has diversity and expresses it among the community where ever he is present; whether it is as a politician, educator, parent, profesional, and community organizer. VOTE for Francisco Zermeño for Hayward Mayor on JUNE 3, 2014!”
By Mónica Ni Tri

“Family and friends in Hayward I encourage you to vote for Francisco Zermeño for Mayor, Hayward. In the early 80’s he was my Spanish professor at Chabot college as well as a mentor. All the years I have known him, J Francisco Zermeño, has been a strong supporter and advocate for our youths and education as well as working how to improve Hayward. Having been elected twice as a council member for the city of Hayward, as Mayor he will continue his dedication to continue his work for the city of Hayward. Vote for Francisco Zermeño for Hayward Mayor!”
By Marta Zelaya.

Juan wrote: “La Ciudad de Hayward, necesita gente con experiencia, gente que este atenta a la comunidad, que escuche y trabaje en sus necesidades, J Francisco Zermeño C a sido pieza clave en el resurgimiento de Hayward, el quiere mejorar y apoyar los pequeños, medianos y grandes comercios, quiere mejorar la educacion, entre otros grandes proyectos, siempre pensando en el bien-estar de la ciudadania, este 3 de Junio, dale tu voto de confianza, vota por Francisco Zermeño for Hayward Mayor”
By Juan Pablo López

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