• Active monthly participant in Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task Force projects, 2006 –
  • Voted Yes a tough anti graffiti ordinance, 2008.
  • Voted Yes on our Greening by passing its ordinance and the Climate Action Plan, September, 2008
  • Committee member of Save St. Rose Hospital, December 2012 –
  • Voted Yes to keep our Senior Mobilehomeparks, senior, May, 2013
  • Vote No on the Eastshore Energy Power Plant, 2009
  • Had the fences on Tennyson Rd. and Hesperian Blvd. cleaned an painted, 2009
  • Have hired youngsters as Interns for the Summer, 2009 –
  • Introduced the idea of solar powered trash cans in 2010. Installed the first one in December, 2012, on B and Watkins Sts.
  • Promoted the idea of a Hayward Newsletter, 2010. It began in 2012.
  • Founder of the Save the Hayward High School Concrete H Project, 2010-
  • Signature gatherer for the Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act initiative, 2010.
  • Helped edit Spanish Safety DVD programs for the Police Department, 2010
  • Co-organized Community building and fundraising basketball games with Hayward Police  Officers and Firefighters for Gun Buy Back, Graffiti Abatement programs, and student scholarships, 2010 –
  • Worked for and was able to secure a Doggie Park, An Agave Garden, and a bocce park, 2011
  • Introduced the idea of Green Bicycle lanes, 2011
  • Organized and collected funding for Field Trips to the State Capitol for the Hayward Youth Commission, 2011, 2013
  • Promoter of a pedestrian crosswalk on Sleepy Hollow to Doggie Park, 2012
  • Organized an Immigration workshop at Chabot College, Aug. 30, 2012
  • Held an AB540 workshop at Chabot, October 2012
  • Voted for lowering the inspection fees of Child Care Centers, 2012
  • Founded and organized the Hunger and Homelessness Task Force and Teach in, Jan, 2013 –
  • Signature collector to obtained street bumps on our street, Sleepy Hollow, 2013
  • Promoter of Hayward Police Department’s Spanish Community Outreach Programs, 2013
  • Presenter of the idea of aviation classes between Chabot and Hayward’s Airport
  • Presenter of idea for, and obtained Marcy’s Card and Resources” handout in Spanish, for victims of violent crimes, February 2013.
  • Organizer of an Immigration Reform meeting, April, 2013
  • Organizer of the Youth Leadership Project, with the Greater Hayward Democratic Club, May 2013
  • Proposed an Educational Shuttle to Downtown…will begin Summer of 2013, from Cal State to Downtown…Chabot missing

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