by Rig Galvez from Visión Hispana. 

Councilman Francisco Zermeño, age 61, was born in the state of Jalisco, Mexico where he lived up to the age of 12. His family migrated to Salinas, California where he went to school at UC Santa Barbara and then to arrive in Hayward where he put his teaching credentials to work. In addition to being a full-time tenured educator at Chabot College for the last 35 years, Zermeño has also been a business owner for many years in Hayward. Six years ago he was elected to the Hayward city council and was re-elected last year.
On his run for mayor, he explains, “It has been a very positive experience, I am a people person, I like to help, and I have the time, the energy and the ideas. I think that’s important, as we need someone who takes us further than where we are and I think it can be done. I want to be the person to do it.”
In addition to his role as an educator, the business-minded candidate has been a leader in Hayward’s business community for several years. He has helped people start or enhance their businesses, a role that he expanded by forming the Latino Business Roundtable in conjunction with the Hayward Chamber of Commerce. The roundtable group filled a critical need for Hayward businesses to promote and support each other in their growth.
Zermeño’s mayoral campaign focuses on business, the economy, education and public safety because he feels those are very important issues in his heart and in the hearts of those who endorse and support his campaign.
“The city of Hayward is not where I was born, but is certainly a place I have adopted, since 1978,” he says. “I am going to die happy in Hayward, I live happy in Hayward, as resident, and it’s a matter of collaborating, partnering, associating and working together. I’m an educator so I’m going to work with education foundations, and I’m a businessman so I’ll work with the chamber of commerce.  I’m a professor, so I’ll work with educators.  I also like to work with youngsters, because we don’t do enough for the youth – I’m advisor to the Hayward Youth Commission addressing needs to be done.”
In closing, Council-member Zermeño says he believes that in “diversity there’s unity”, and that he supports the Dream Act and immigration reform, saying, “It is something that should have been done a long time ago.”


Economic Vitality for a Safe, Clean, and Green Hayward

Economic Development

  • Video Z libros, owner and founder, Hayward, 1985 – 2010
  • Hayward Small Business active supporter, 1985 –
  • Terlingua Translation Services, owner and founder (English – French ­ Spanish), 1991–
Latino Business Roundtable ­ Founder and President, 2004-
  • Hayward Planning Commissioner, 1998 – 2007
  • Hayward Chamber of Commerce ­ member
  • Alameda County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce former member
  • Summit Bank, Hayward Advisory Board Member, 2006-08
  • Translator of the ‘How to Begin a Business in Hayward’ brochure, into Spanish, pro bono, 2007.
  • Member of Hayward’s Economic Development Committee, 2008-12.
  • Hayward’s Representative to the Association of Bay Area Governments, 2008-
  • Advisor to the Hayward Youth Commission, 2008-
  • Promoted protection of legitimate Hayward businesses with Street Vendor ordinance, September, 2008
  • Opened Cinema Place, October, 2008
  • Co-organize a Foreclosure Prevention Seminar, with Coldwell Banker,  Leticia Arteaga and others of Operation Hope, 2009
  • Active pursuer of Buying Locally with ACTransit, to buy buses from Hayward’s Gillig. They did. 2010
  • Promoter for reinstatement of Economy friendly Happy Hour in Hayward Restaurants, 2011
  • BART and Hayward Joint Power Agreement Member, 2012-
  • Instituted Hayward Cash Mobs, June, 2012-
  • Co-organizer of SBE/DBE Workshop for Hayward Minority-owned and Women-owned Businesses with PG&E, June 2013
  • Voted Yes on Economic Plan to benefit Hayward, February, 2013
  • Co-founder of NHORA (National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates), April, 2013

Community Awards

  • John Pappas Humanitarian Award, Hayward, 1996
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Community Award, January 2005
  • Teacher of the Year, SWCOLT (Southwest Coalition of Language Teachers), 2005
  • Alameda County Arts Leadership Award, 2007


  • Graduate of UC Santa Bárbara, 1978.
  • ROTC, 1971-1973.
  • 35 years at Chabot College, Hayward, teaching Spanish 
Presenter at CLTA, FLANC, AATSP, • SWCOLT (and other non-language) conferences
  • FLANC’s Newsletter Editor, 1999 –
  • Faculty Advisor of MECHA at Chabot College, 1980 –
  • La Alianza de Hayward co-founder and Director, 1991 –
  • St. Bede’s School Board Member (1992-95)
  • PUENTE Project Mentor, 1982 –
  • Faculty Union Officer & Negotiator, Chabot College, 1988 – 1998
  • CABE of Hayward (California Association of Bilingual Educators)
  • CLEA (Chicano Latino Education Association) of Chabot College co-founder, 1985 –
  • Columnist of the Hayward Daily Review newspaper on 
(Latino issues, every Wednesday ­ Oct. 2004 – Jan, 2007)
  • Co-author, AZ Spanish Study Guide, 2000
  • Chabot Faculty Senate member, 2005-2008
  • Author, Café Chronicles (Floricanto Press, 2007)
  • Co-Founder of Café con leche monthly newsletter, 2007.

Community Involvement

  • Hayward Time Capsule Task Force member, 1994
  • Task Force member on the Hayward Public Library, 1996
  • Hayward Library Commissioner, 1998.
  • Co-founder of the Annual César Estrada Chávez Celebration, 1998 –
  • Hayward San Felipe Sister Committee – member and officer, 1998 – 2006.
  • Register of Voters, 1999 –
  • Return of the Swallows Festival of Chabot College Annual Festival founder/organizer, 2000 –
  • Greater Hayward Democrats Member, 2000 -,
  • Greater Hayward Democrats President 2008-2010, 2013-
  • St. Rose Foundation Board Member, 2004-
  • CALDO (Alameda Latino Democratic Organization), co-founder and Vice President, 2004 – 2006.
  • Chabot Green Team founder – 2007 –
  • Council Adviser to the Hayward Youth Commission, 2008-
  • Participant of the Adopt a Block Program (Sleepy Hollow Avenue), 2008
  • Committee member of Save St. Rose Hospital, December 2012 –
  • Member of Hayward’s Sustainbility Committee, 2012 –
  • Member of Hayward’s Airport Committee, 2012 –
  • Voted Yes to keep our Senior Mobilehomeparks, senior, May, 2013

Art and Culture

  • Master Day of the Dead Altar Builder, 1980 –
  • Faculty Adviser to the Ballet Folclórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno, 1985 –
  • Co-organizer of El Cinco de Mayo Festival, Downtown Hayward, 1986 –
  • Co-founder of the Hayward Youth Mariachi Program, with Héctor García, in 1996
  • Faculty Adviser to Grupo Tlapalli dance troupe, 1996-
  • Hayward Arts Council Board Member, 1996-2001. Introduced the idea of Murals in Hayward for a future Mural tour.
  • Organizer of the Chabot College/Hayward Mariachi Festival, 2006 –
  • Founder of and Producer of The Best of the Best, Lo Mero Mero (Chabot College TV show for our students) 2006.

Contributor to
 and/or Member of

  • Asian Business Alliance
  • Asian Heritage Festival
  • Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus
  • Black Women Organized for Political Action
  • Chabot College
  • Chicano Latino Education Association
  • Greater Hayward Democratic Club
  • Hayward Democratic Club
  • Hayward 
Hayward Area Historical Society
  • Hayward Arts Council
  • Hayward Education Foundation
  • Eden Housing
  • The Kids’ Breakfast Club
  • La Alianza de Hayward
  • League of Women Voters
  • Mariachi Juvenil de Hayward
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Rotary Club
  • Sun Gallery
  • Zermeño Annual Scholarship at Chabot College, 2000-

Personal interests

  • proud Hayward resident
  • avid reader and writer
  • weak basketball center of Los Chilones de Hayward
  • stamp collector
  • Zermeño family history buff
  • amasser of The Amazing Spiderman memorabilia
  • film aficionado
  • culture and community advocate
  • a doer
  • an eternal optimist
  • mother earth
  • family and family values

Please contact me at
510.732.2746, fax at 510.732.6624


1 thought on “Francisco

  1. Councilman Zermeno,
    Pleasure talking with you this afternoon on the phone. As a tenant and business owner at the Hayward Executive Airport I look forward to meeting you at the next City Council Airport meeting on the 23rd of this month.
    Best wishes to you, our Airport and the City Of Hayward.
    Thank you,

    Charles M. Encinas


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