2 thoughts on “Francisco Zermeño for Hayward City Council 2020

  1. As a local business owner, it’s been a pleasure working with Francisco Zermeno. He is extremely active daily in our community learning more about our greater needs, supporting both businesses and individuals, and helping many with their needs. I appreciate his willingness to listen, and speed to connect us with others in the city that will help connect the dots. It is also impressive that despite being so busy, I see him at so many community events welcoming new business, feeding the homeless, and giving back to our community. I also continue to see the multiple individuals he takes under his wing with mentorship and growth. It feels great to see somebody who is so passionate, engaged, and getting things done for our city! Francisco, you definitely have our endorsement and support!
    Thank you.


  2. You know over my time in college I usually post a lot about UCSB and my activities surrounding it, but I try to keep up with what’s going on back at home as well. Someone who has mentored me and supported me on my journey towards college and even today during my time at UCSB has been J Francisco Zermeño C. An alumni himself he has kept me up to date with what’s going on back at home and what it was like to be a student during his time at UCSB. Let me tell you how he has plans and has helped me develop some of my future goals for when I go back to my city back in the bay. So for my friends in Hayward I think you all have a pretty excellent candidate here trying to serve you once more.


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